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Congratulations to our Proving Grounds XXIII Team/Academy Champions!


Overall Team Champion

BJJ Olympia

 Phantom BJJ (2nd place)

One Jiu Jitsu  (3rd place)


Overall Most Dominant Academy


Marcelo Alonso Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (2nd place)

GHBJJ/Hybrid Academy (3rd place)


Children’s Team Champion

Phantom BJJ

BJJ Olympia (2nd place)

Team Wise (3rd place)


Adult’s Team Champion

Gracie Barra NW

Checkmat (2nd place)

BJJ Olympia (3rd place)


Congratulations to our fastest submission winners


Youth Gi

Evan Wojciechowski

Team Wise


Youth No-Gi

Brian Fowler

BJJ Olympia


Adult Gi



Adult No-Gi

Aman Kaler




In terms of the number of matches a competitor gets to take advantage, a (4) person Round Robin is equal to or better (depending on the day you’re having) than an (8) person single elimination tournament. more matches, more learning. (round robin all-day)




In an effort to stay true to our mission of offering the best possible tournament format, we will be making a few significant changes for future events. The following changes should make for a more exciting, competitive, and inclusive event.

1. Most “Dominate Academy” award. This title will be given to the academy (defined by a single address/location. Not to be mistaken with affiliation/multi locations) with the greatest number of submission finishes.

2. Due to many requests, we are now adding a “Master 4” division for competitors 50+ years of age. It is our hopes that this will bring many more of our “not as young as we used to be” competitors out for a day of fun on the mats.

3. As Washington State’s longest running Submission Only Grappling Tournament, Proving Grounds will soon be stepping up it’s tournament presentation. Look for many cool new features over the coming events. Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page for more info.

Take advantage of a super deal and get more matches BY REGISTERING FOR BOTH GI AND NO-GI. (2 DIVISIONS FOR 65.00 DURING EARLY REGISTRATION or 75.00 for children or 85.00 for Adults during Late registration). Price discounted at checkout.


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