Event Write-Up - Proving Grounds
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Proving Grounds 2 is now in the record books. With over 20 teams represented, the day went great.

As the name suggests, all of the competitors came to prove something and prove they did. Not everyone was willing to forego the Thanksgiving gorging and winter hibernating. For these players, that was not an option and they were all business.

The Proving Grounds’ rule set is for real and not for the faint of heart.

1. No points or advantages. EVER!!!
2. Full round robin
3. 1st place draws advance to an “unlimited time” tiebreaker

All of the competitors brought their own story with challenges and hurdles. Davis Diosdado (Evergreen Karate/BJJ) and Nick Wallick (Ring Demon) agreed to invite into their bracket, a competitor that outweighed them by 20+lb. These two are Proving Grounds personified. The women showed the same fortitude when 2 novice competitors, Indra and Alicia Todd, stepped up to the intermediate division to create an awesome 5 woman round robin.

Teams from as far away as Portland, Oregon were in attendance and well represented. 10th Planet Portland went 3 for 3 on the 1st Place podium. Ring Sports United’s Axel Dominguez went for a total of nearly 20 min. over 4 rounds to narrowly be defeated by 18 yr. old Aaron Langley (Tribal War Luta Livre). Fabian Murphy (SBGi Seattle) had 3 tough battles with Tigran Bagdasaryn (RSU). These two moved into an unlimited time tiebreaker. At 2 minutes and 24 seconds, Tigran was able to pull off an arm bar for the win.

With a Spartan team of only 7, the 1st Place team title went to Ring Sports United. A Northwest powerhouse for number of competitors, Gracie Barra pulled in 2nd Place; followed by Chimera MMA out of Oak Harbor, Washington taking 3rd Place.