Volunteer Opportunities - Proving Grounds
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Volunteer Opportunities


Proving Grounds Volunteer Position and Description of Duties


Score Table

  1. Record the results of each match using both paper and electronic forms.


  1. Keep track of match times by either stopping the clock at the referee’s instruction or notify the referee that the regulation time has ended.


  1. Ensure that the competitors are staged and ready for their upcoming matches. (the goal is to have matches going one after another with very little pause between)



  1. Weigh-in competitors and record the info either electronically or on paper.


  1. Escort weighed-in competitors to the mat they will be competing on.


Media crew/Broadcast booth

  1. Conduct competitor interviews and “possibly” match commentary for some of the recorded matches.


  1. Start and stop cameras for recording of matches. Some cameras will require that the action be followed. Some will just need to be started and stopped.


  1. Broadcast sponsor/supporter announcements. Q-cards with messages will be provided.



  1. To sign-in and issue wristbands to competitors and coaches.


  1. Issue hand stamps to spectators.


  1. Answer general questions. (restroom location, etc.)



  1. Place medals around the necks of division winners


  1. Take a photo of division winners while they are on the podium


  1. Collect brief testimonials from competitors (when convenient)