Updates and FAQ's - Proving Grounds
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Updates/Frequently Asked Questions




At the completion of your bracket, all competitors will wait to be escorted to the podium with the rest of the bracket by your mat supervisor. Failure to adhere to this, causes a tremendous amount of confusion and disrupts the flow of the event. Please respect the event and your fellow competitors.


Ezekiels and bread/paper cutters will be classified the same in terms of allowed submissions. 


Any profanity on the mats will be grounds for immediate disqualification without refund. 





Q. What happens if I miss weight?

A. Failure to make the weight you registered for will be grounds for disqualification without refund.


Q. If I miss weight, can I just be moved up a weight class?

A. No. 


Q. What must be worn during weigh-ins?

A. The bare minimum a competitor can wear for gi weigh-ins is Gi pants with a rashguard, t-tshirt, or sports bra.

A. The bare minimum a competitor can wear for nogi weigh-ins is board shorts with a rashguard, or t-tshirt.


Q. What happens if I miss the call for my bracket?

A. We will do our best to find you and make multiple announcements for you. If you fail to be present for your bracket call, you will be disqualified without refund.


Q. Can I wear tights and/or spats without a top layer garment such as Gi pants or board shorts?

A. No.


Q. What happens if I forget to pick up my medal or t-shirt?

A. You can notify us and make arrangements to prepay postage to have it mailed to you. 


Q. If I fail to show up for my bracket or can’t make weight, can my entry fee be refunded or credited for a future event?

A. No


Q. What happens to uniforms, water bottles, etc. that are left at the event?

A. Lost and found items will be kept for 1 week and then disposed. Contact us right away if you think you may have left an item at the event. 


Q. Do parents of minor athletes need to pay a spectator fee?

A. Each minor competitor is allowed one complementary entry for one parent/guardian at the time of first entry into the venue.   


Q. What is the fee for spectators?

A. Spectator fee is 10.00


Q. Can event t-shirts be bought the day of the event?

A. A few sizes may be available, but not guaranteed. 


Q. What do I do if I forgot to register as a coach?

A. Each Academy/Gym is granted a certain number of coaches passes based on the number of registered athletes.