How to Win - Proving Grounds
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How to Win


1. Athlete Submits (physical or *verbal tap)
*Screaming out or audible expression of pain

2. Referee Stoppage
This will be done for Safety or Rule violation.

3. Coach Stoppage
This will apply to the Youth and Junior divisions only.


Tie Breaker

In the event of a tie for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Place, the podium placement will be determined by:


1. Most Submission finishes

2. Submission total tied->> Head to Head results

3. Head to Head draw->> Fastest recorded submission

4. Fastest submission tie->> Shortest total time in won matches

5. Shortest total time in won matches or in cases where neither competitor had a submission finish,

the competitor who lasted the longest total time in their losing matches tie->> Second match (standard division time limit)

5. Second match draw->> Share the lower medal placement

3 or more person tie

If a bracket is completed with (0) submissions taking place, the bracket will restart and follow the tie-breaker procedure to determine placing. If (0) submissions take place in the second round, all competitors will share the lowest available podium position.



Scoring System

Proving Grounds will feature both Gi and No-Gi competition. Each bracket will operate with a full round robin format. Brackets exceeding (6) competitors may be split to make (2) or more brackets.

Proving Grounds runs in a round robin format. Competitors will face every athlete in his/her bracket. There are no points awarded within a match. Points are only awarded based on the outcome of a match: 3 points for a win (submission), 1 point for a draw (1 point goes to each competitor), and 0 for a loss. In case of a disqualification, the offended will be awarded 3 points, and the offender awarded 0 points.  At the end of the competition, the “per match average points” are tallied for each competitor. Important note: In order to be in contention for a podium placing, the competitor must compete with over 50% of the competitors in his/her bracket. 


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