Rules and ways to win - Proving Grounds
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CJJ/BJJ and Nogi Superfights

How to Win

1. Athlete taps (physical or verbal tap*) from a submission or from the inability to wage a long term defensive posture (CJJ only).
*Screaming out or audible expression of pain

2. Referee Stoppage
This will be done only for Safety (unconsciousness or inability to intelligently defend and/or improve position) or Rule violations.

3. Accumulate the greatest number of “catches” in the case of no submission.



CJJ only – Open hand strikes will be allowed when at least one competitor is deemed “down”. Down as defined is anything other than the soles of either competitor’s feet touching the mat.

Illegal moves: Biting, eye gouging, kicks, elbows and punches. 

Digits (fingers and/or toes) must be controlled in groups no less than 3 per appendage.

No gloves or groin protector will be worn.

CJJ: All submissions will be allowed. 

One Championship Global Grappling Ruleset: All submissions will be legal. Exceptions may be made under special circumstances and prior agreement between head coaches and Chief Inspector.


Time limits


Regulation rounds will consist of one 10 minute round.

Overtime will consist of up to two rounds that will be 2 minutes each. The winner will determined  by combining the control time of the 2 rounds, if no submission takes place.

*If a submission takes place in one of the overtime rounds, that round will be the end of the match and the winner will be determined by who has the fastest submission finish.

**If the submission time of both competitors is the same and the submissions took place in the 1st overtime round, a 2nd overtime round will take place and the winner will be judged based on that 2nd  round.

***If the submission time of both competitors is the same and the submissions took place in the 2nd overtime round, the winner will be determined by total control time during the 1st overtime round.



Bjj and Nogi Superfights

One Championship Global Grappling Ruleset will consist of one 10 minute round. In cases where no submission takes place within the time limit, a winner will be declared based on the number of catches awarded by the referee. In a case where then number of catches is a tie, the athlete awarded the last catch will be declared the winner. All submissions will be legal.


Quintet Main Ruleset

  •  QUINTET is a Team grappling tournament. The Team wins a QUINTET match,
    not the individual.
  •  Matches consist of two teams of five facing each other in a “winner stays on”
    elimination format.
  • The total weight limit for each team will 800 pounds for men’s divisions and 650 pounds for women’s divisions. (These limits maybe adjusted with mutual agreement between head coaches and the Chief Inspector)
  •  Matches begin with one fighter from each team competing. This is called a
    “round”. When a submission is scored, the round is over and the defeated
    fighter is out of the match. The winning fighter, immediately faces
    the next member of the opposing team in a new round.
  • Match order will be submitted to the Chief Inspector before 12pm on the day of the event.
  • The match continues, round by round, fighter by fighter until one team is
    completely eliminated.

Ways to Win

  • Submission/tapout/ref stops round
  • Disqualification – for serious foul
  • Round will be ruled a DRAW if no finish in the allotted time (both fighters are
    then immediately eliminated from the match)

Time Limits

8 minute rounds (4 minutes when there is 20 pounds or greater difference between competitors)

*Smaller opponent can choose 8 minutes